Eric Gademan, proud owner of ‘Gademan Artisanal Ice Cream Maker’ is the creator of all his products. Once started as a baker and pastry cook, he soon made a move to the kitchen. For more than 25 years Eric created magic in the kitchens of several renowned restaurants, including some Michelin-starred restaurants.

” My passion is to create fair products, without artificial colors and flavors where taste always prevails.”

His love of ice began when Eric worked at the famous Ice Cream & Lunch Restaurant, La Veneziana in Heerlen. Gigi Belfi, one of the brothers Belfi who came over from in Italy in 1948, was a great source of inspiration. For almost 10 years Eric worked here as a chef and was able to watch over the shoulder of the famous Gigi.

With over 25 years of experience and with an abundance of passion, the decision to start his own business was an evident move. Eric opened his first brasserie & ice cream shop with an adjoining sandwich bar in 2010.

Despite the success of his shop, he decided to explore a new road in 2013, with a decision to focus entirely on making traditional true craftsmanship ice cream, with a main focus on the B2B market. Catering facilities such as restaurants and hotels directly place orders that are custom made and delivered according to the wishes of the clients.